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Creating Value through Excellence in Financial Management (exinfm)
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If you are looking to elevate your organization in terms of its financial management practices, you have come to the right place. All organizations must go way beyond traditional accounting and recognize that creating value is rooted in finance and not accounting. This web site has been created to help you understand how to create value through financial management.

According to the Pew Foundation, approximately 70% of the value of a business is not reflected in a set of financial statements.


My mission is to provide the best thinking in finance for all types of organizations throughout the World. Additionally, I seek to provide my services in a very affordable and accessible manner. This includes openly sharing my knowledge so that everyone can learn how finance can create value. This web site includes numerous free resources: Free Excel Spreadsheets, Short Courses, Software Programs, White Papers and Short Articles.



If you need support to mature your financial management practices, I offer six different support services:

  • Basic Finance - A good place to start if you rely heavily on traditional accounting services to help you make decisions.
  • Value Analysis - The next step up from Basic Finance for businesses that want to improve the value of the business.
  • Performance Management - A non-financial approach to measuring and managing the business.
  • Competitive Intelligence - Forcing the business to look at external factors since most businesses are too internal in their thinking.
  • Training and Development - Support services to empower your own staff with higher skills related to finance.
  • Small Business Services - Specialized services to help business owners improve their own net worth.